Monthly Training Program Tuition

Ballet, Tap, Broadway Dance


1 class a week     $70

2 classes a week $128

3 classes a week $175

4 classes a week $215

5 classes a week $240

6 classes a week $270

Unlimited Training Monthly Pass $345

(Tuition for Unlimited Training Program Classes at your level AND additional Drop In Classes)

Drop In Classes (Youth-Teen-Adults)

Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Broadway Dance,
Mat Pilates, Zumba, Creative Dance (2-3yrs)

Single Class Card   $20

10 Class Punch Card $170

Teen-Adult Drop In Monthly Pass $275

(Unlimited Teen-Adult Drop In Classes)

Important Dates

Please note the following dates on your calendar. The Ballet School is open year round, but does close for the holidays listed below. When a holiday or holiday break falls within a monthly tuition period, students still pay full tuition for that month, but a make-up class can be obtained in the office to be used either before or after the holiday takes place. You have 3 months to make-up any class missed as long as the student is enrolled in our school.


MAKE-UP Policy (Missed Class)

As a student of The Ballet School, you have the opportunity to make-up a class which you have missed during a 3 month period. Also, please note, you can make-up a class before you miss it, if you know in advance that you will not be able to attend your regular class. In order to get a make-up, your tuition needs to be current. We cannot give make-up classes to students who are behind in tuition payment. It is also important to note, that a make-up class will only be accepted by the instructor if there is space in the class. A make-up will not be accepted into a class that has a full attendance. You must be enrolled in the school to use a make-up class.  The make-up is non-transferable to another student.


  1. Observation of classes is allowed and encouraged at all times, we have viewing windows into all studios.
  2. The school is not responsible for personal property.
  3. No smoking is permitted inside of the school.
  4. No chewing gum is allowed inside the studio.
  5. In the BALLET TRAINING PROGRAM classes, students are not permitted to enter class after plies have begun.
  6. Students may not leave BALLET TRAINING PROGRAM classes before the class has concluded.
  7. Students should always wear clothes over their dancewear coming into the school and leaving the school. Students should also wear regular shoes coming and going into the school.
  8. Your child should be picked up on time after class. We cannot be responsible to care for your children outside of class. If picking up at our back door, the student must wait inside our back hallway and watch for your car. We cannot be responsible for them if they are outside of the school.
  9. Communication is important, and conferences with teachers and students are welcomed with a parent or guardian present.
  10. The Ballet School Performing Arts reserves the right to refuse classes to anyone.

Contact Us

Located in the heart of Walnut Creek for over 40 years!

Walnut Creek

(925) 934-2133

Address: 1357 N. Main Street Walnut Creek CA 94596

Drop Off & Pick Up

You are welcome to drop off and pick-up at our back entrance located on Commercial Lane off of Locust St. or come up to The Ballet School and pick up your child in person. PLEASE BE ON TIME FOR PICK-UP. Please call if there is an emergency and you are unable to pick-up your child on time. 925 934-2133

We have 3 parking Garages surrounding The Ballet School Performing Arts. (Duncan and Main right above Starbucks) is FREE! (Locust St. Garage right across the street from Peet’s Coffee and Tea) and (Broadway Garage) as well as ample Street Parking with meters.

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