Ages 5 and up!

  1. Purchase a single class card for $30.00 or book of 4 for $100.00. These class cards are retained at the office of The Ballet School.
  2. Set a weekly or bi-weekly schedule for a half hour lesson with Vince.
  3. Lessons can be rescheduled with 24 hrs notice by either calling The Ballet School at 925-934-2133 or by e-mail, theballetjoyeux@yahoo.com
  4. If a lesson is missed by student without 24 hr notice it will be considered a paid lesson and a class card on file will be used.

Piano Lessons

  1. It is recommended that Piano Lessons be done on a weekly basis.
  2. It is required that the Student have daily access to a Piano (of full size keyboard) during the week. Only with good, focused, daily practice will you grow as a pianist.
  3. The required books for the Student will be order through the Ballet School. The Student will pay for the books, at cost, when they are delivered to them.
  4. The Student will be learning Piano Technique, Music Theory, Ear Training and Sight Reading skill (when the time comes).
  5. Students are encouraged to explore and play music  that is outside the required curriculum (within the skill set) and can bring those pieces to the lesson for instruction, but remember the curriculum material will take priority.

Please e-mail, call 925-934-2133 or come up to the office at The Ballet School  if you would like to set up a lesson time. Please let us know the age of the student and any experience the may have.  Due to the other classes that are ongoing here, lesson times are limited, so call or e-mail to reserve your spot. Thank you so much for the interest and I look forward to hearing for you soon.

Vince Perry
Music Instructor