Here’s what’s happening every Friday at the Ballet School!

Studio Time Class Teacher
BS 9:30-10:30 Teen/Adult Drop In ZUMBA (All Levels) Rachel
LS 9:30-10:15 Youth Drop In CREATIVE DANCE Hailey, Emily,  Katie
LS 1:30-2:30 Academic Pre-Ballet Amanda, Hailey
DS 3:00-4:00 Academic Ballet One Haley, Lara
LS 3:15-4:00 Youth Drop In CREATIVE DANCE Amanda,  Hailey
BS 3:30-4:15pm Youth Drop In TAP (Beg) Katie
LS 4:00-5:00 Academic Ballet Ballet Two Haley
DS 4:00-5:30 Academic Ballet Intermediate Advanced 1,2 Kelley
BS 4:15-5:45 Academic Ballet Advanced Jenny
LS 5:00-5:45 Youth Drop In BROADWAY DANCE Katie
DS 5:30-6:45 Academic Ballet Intermediate 1 Haley
LS 5:45-7:00 Academic Ballet Beginning Intermediate Katie S
BS 5:45-7:15 Academic Ballet Intermediate Advanced 3,4 Kelley

*Voice and Piano Private Lessons taught throughout the Day
*Private Reformer Lessons taught throughout the Day